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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

This agreement has been regulated with regard to the obligation of drawing up an agreement for online sales according to the Regulation for Distance Contract published in Official news paper dated 06 March, 2011, No. 27866, and the articles are as follows:  



Buyer is the person who buys the ticket for passenger transportation.


The subject of the agreement hereby is that the rights and responsibilities of the parties are determined according to the provisions of Law on the Protection of Consumers no. 4077 and the Regulation for Distance Contract (“Regulation”). It is concerned with the sale and delivery of passenger transportation ticket which is sold online by SELLER to the BUYER on the website of  belonging to the SELLER.


The subject of the agreement hereby is the bus ticket, and it consists of the sale price, mode of payment, departure and destination, travel date, departure time, seat number; and they are also sent to the e-mail address of the buyer.

General Provisions for Buyer

The buyer announces that he has read and learned all the pre-information about the main features of the ticket, the sale price, means of payment and delivery and that he has given the necessary consent online.

The ticket, subject of the contract, will be delivered by the BUYER from the nearest online office of the SELLER before the travel starts.

The ticket, subject of the contract is delivered to the BUYER himself. This is why, buyer must present his identity card and the credit card used in this transaction to the SELLER officer while he receives the ticket.

Right Of Withdrawal

In accordance with the article no. 2/3-b of the Regulation, the right of withdrawal organized in the 6th article of the regulation cannot be used by BUYER in the agreements which are formed with the providers offering service in travel industry and where providers have to offer the service in a given date and time.

Special Provisions

The confirmation of travelling is valid for the date/hour and the route written on it. Tickets not used on the right date and time will be declared null and void. In case of loss of the checked properties whose appraisal was not made, no payment more than the triple amount will be made. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the properties forgotten, lost and stolen inside the buses and intracity service vehicles.

For baggages excessing 20 kg, an excess baggage charge is required.

The criminal responsibility that can arise during the examination of the property by executive and judicial authorities belongs to the owner of the baggage. The BUYER must demand an invoice if he/she gives his/her baggage while getting on the bus.

This is non refundable payment service


The BUYER must not share his credit card information with others. The BUYER acknowledges that only he himself will be responsible for the safety of this information and that the BUYER will not be held responsible if this credit card information is used by others. The BUYER acknowledges and announces that the SELLER will not be held responsible for all the neglects and faults about the safety of credit card information of the BUYER, its protection, isolation from third parties and its usage, and he will also announce that he will compensate the loss if the SELLER suffers a loss.

Event of defaults and İts legal results

In the event of default in the transactions he made with his credit card, the BUYER will pay interest within the frame of the credit card contract signed between the bank the BUYER, and he will be accountable to the bank. In this case, the bank can take legal action , it can demand the expenses and the retainer from the BUYER. In the event of default of the BUYER due to his debt, the BUYER accepts to pay the SELLER’s damages resulting from delayed performance of the debt.

Competent Court

In case of the controversies resulting from the agreement hereby, Civil Courts of General Jurisdiction are the competent courts where there is no Consumer Committee up to the rate announced by Science, Industry and Technology Ministry, and where there is no Consumer Court in the residential area of the BUYER and the SELLER.


In the event of the completion of the order, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the provisions of the contract hereby. The fact that any provision in this contract is invalid or impracticable does not affect the validity of other provisions of the agreement.

Online Booking

You can not  cancel your booking online

Reservation time is determined by the system automatically, and the passenger has to turn his/her reservation into ticket within the given time.